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Your space is booked for Khudmukhtaar’s FREE webinar, yessss!  Get ready to acquire an absolute guide on HOW TO UNLOCK YOUR PASSION which will prove to be a perfect New Year’s present for you I promise.

[field id="name"], this webinar will give you full clarity on how to find out your passions and how chasing your passions can make you financially Khudmukhtaar. So don’t forget to put reminders as I don’t want you to miss it, for real!

Here is what you need to do to attend the webinar;

  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  • Keep a notebook and a pen with you to take notes.
  • Join the webinar 15 minutes before the exact time to avoid any technical issues.
  • Keep your mic off during the webinar until you are allowed to ask questions.
  • Come up with your questions.

Zoom Link for Webinar:

Time: ______


See you inside



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