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We believe in creating and celebrating Khudmukhtaar Women, By helping them find their potential and turning it into a source of gaining financial freedom.

Are you khudmukhtar?

Stop worrying about the financials now. We are here to help you with the most promising courses ever which will help you throughout your life and will give you that self-confidence of being on your own. 

They say “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. Well here we are to teach our women how to fish in this world of self being.


The unfed mind devour itself. Don’t let your brain go into waste when you can teach it a lot of the skills. You are just lacking the strategy like business strategy to avail your social media or content strategy. Learn these skills and give your mind some food for the lifetime.


The courses we are offering like BME and Social media Management will give you the success you are lacking. Educate yourself. Strive for it. Learn and live. You are an empowered women, there is no age to learn something new, so why not sign up for it now.


Certifications add a major role in your resume. Our certificate will give you the recognition of the field you choose. It will speak for itself and the rest will be shown by your work after you’ll be skilled enough to jump in this world with full confidence and security.

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Features of Our Courses

Why Choose Us?

Because choosing us will mean that you are choosing yourself for once and for all. Prioritize yourself and spend on your well-being. We are like you. We have been through all of it what you are going through right now. Holding our hands will help you step up your position with proper help and guidance, guidance which you are lacking till now. After learning and developing skills we are offering you will be khudmukhtar and will be the boss lady on your own one day. So let’s celebrate and empower the women entrepreneurs of Pakistan together.

Inspiring personalities:

For us, you are an inspiring personality or you will be one. Women who started from scratch, women who prioritize themselves, women who did the effort and the women who didn’t stop when they were told to do so are all inspiring. You can be one of them too.

Learn Online at your own pace:

The best part of our courses is that you would not need to step out and go to an institute to learn. You can learn these new skills while staying at your own comfort zone. Online and zoom lectures are available to help you learn and grow. Opt for them and learn while staying at home.

Professional Certification:

We will provide you a professional certificate that will help you later to work in the field you skilled. Our certificate will give you security and recognition that you are a skilled person in that particular field.


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“ Tehreem the whole course was outstanding. We learned a lot of new things. We all wanted to do something but through this course, we learned how to do something. ”
Isha Bilal
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“Thank you so much tehreem BME delivered more than my expectations. It was a great opportunity to learn through a real-life example of a start-up. You did not deliver hypothetical knowledge but we learn trough the up and downs of your own venture in enthusiastic way.”
Misbah Zahoor
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“Thank you so much Tehreem ... Jab ma course start kia tha sirf itna socha tha k maine business start krna ha ... But now i have idea and plan and everything what you told i will InshAllah apply in my life ....”
Sarah Asim
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“I am Rimsha Khan Feedback of BME course batch 1 :- This informative journey of 16 lectures with you was amazing. It taught me everything from the most basic of things to the most complex and difficult things. .”
Rimsha Khan
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