Our Mission

To help you build a successful online brand from scratch and attain financial independence.

Khudmukhtaar aims to

empower ambitious women to establish and grow successful, high-revenue generating online Brands. Over the past two years, we have successfully coached 300+ women on their business journey and created a community of like-minded business women who learn from each other’s experiences, provide guidance and support, and inspire each other to reach new heights.

Join Khudmukhtaar and let us help you turn your dreams of being your own boss into reality. Build a successful online brand from scratch with our guidance and support.

I am Tehreem Ranjha 
from Lahore, Pakistan.

In 2018 when I was in the second year of my degree, I started looking out for opportunities to support myself financially.I tried out different options but it was starting my own business that proved to be a game changer.I launched my first business right that year and today I have 2 successful businesses generating me 6 figures a month.But wait…. It WAS NOT that smooth as it looks. I was landing into the world of business all alone and clueless. No mentor, No guidance. Zero Business Knowledge. Zero Experience.

What could you expect??

My first business wasn’t successful! I failed! I could have succeeded if I had the right guidance but anyway…..I used my failure as an opportunity and launched my 2nd and then 3rd business and what started as a side hustle in 2018 is now a source of full-time income for me and my team. I see a lot of women start their businesses without any guidance and after a few months they just quit thinking that they have failed and that business is not for them.

That’s the reason why I decided to start @Khudmukhtaar.

I want you, yes you and every aspiring business woman out there know that it’s absolutely possible for you to start your business from home and grow it to get financial independence.And I am here to coach and support you at each step of your journey. Let’s connect and build our business empires and dream futures together.

Our Courses

How can Khudmukhtaar help you?

Our Courses and Webinars

We offer a range of courses focused on both business and personal development. Our flagship course, Business Made Easy (BME), provides all the guidance you need to start and build a successful business from scratch. Check out our website to view all our courses and start building your way towards the life you deserve!

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“ Tehreem the whole course was outstanding. We learned a lot of new things. We all wanted to do something but through this course, we learned how to do something. ”
Isha Bilal
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“Thank you so much tehreem BME delivered more than my expectations. It was a great opportunity to learn through a real-life example of a start-up. You did not deliver hypothetical knowledge but we learn trough the up and downs of your own venture in enthusiastic way.”
Misbah Zahoor
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“Thank you so much Tehreem ... Jab ma course start kia tha sirf itna socha tha k maine business start krna ha ... But now i have idea and plan and everything what you told i will InshAllah apply in my life ....”
Sarah Asim
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“I am Rimsha Khan Feedback of BME course batch 1 :- This informative journey of 16 lectures with you was amazing. It taught me everything from the most basic of things to the most complex and difficult things. .”
Rimsha Khan
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