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Business Made Easy (BME)

Duration: 4 Months

Starts in: May 2024


30 recorded lectures (2 per week) & 8 Live coaching classes (2 per month) to address your queries and overcome your challenges.

Lifetime Access: You retain lifetime access to the entire course materials for reference whenever you need.

Bonuses with the course

FREE Masters the Arts of Social media Course and Facebook ads Digital Course.

Course Format

Curriculum: Structured, workshop-style video lectures, ensuring you understand every aspect of starting and building a successful business.

Coaching: Live coaching sessions, held every two weeks, to address your questions and confusions, ensure you understand the lessons, and chart your course towards success.

Community: By joining BME, you become part of an exclusive network of ambitious businesswomen. This supportive community will inspire, guide, and mentor you throughout your business journey.

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