Master the Art of Social Media

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Master the Art of Social Media

Course Duration: 2 Months

Course Access: 1 year

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum Education: FA/FSC

Applicant must be able to read and understand English.

Course Content

16 detailed recorded lectures (2 per week) on all the topics needed to make you an expert social media manager.

Bonuses with the course:

FREE graphic designing course to teach you the basics of graphic designing for your social media or for your clients.

Live sessions to answer your queries and enhance your knowledge about social media management.

Practical Assignments to help you practice what you learn in the lectures.

Outline of Course Content

In Week#1 You will Learn

Introduction to Social media and All the different ways it provides you to earn online.

Your Self-evaluation to choose the best option for you.

In Week#2 You Will Learn

Basics of Social Media Management and Branding

Target Audience and building a brand story.

In Week#3 You Will Learn

Instagram Optimization: Maximize your presence on this popular platform.

Effective hashtags and engaging captions.

In Week#4 You Will Learn

Social Media Content Strategy (Organic Growth)

Social Media Strategy

In Week#5 You Will Learn

Hashtag and captions


In Week#6 You Will Learn

Giveaway, Content Calender and Planning Apps


In Week#7 You Will Learn

Managing customer relationship and Launch Strategy

Audit (measuring the performance of strategy)

In Week#8 You Will Learn

Freelancing: Build a standout portfolio and attract high-paying clients.

Basic Canva Designing: Create visually appealing content.

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