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Productivity Bootcamp

Course Duration: 4 Weeks

Course Length: 4 Modules

Course Content

Recorded Video Lectures
Practical Assignments to boost your productivity.
Workbooks containing all the activities you will do to practice what you learn
Effective Planner templates to help you plan better and achieve your goals.

Modules and Lectures Details

1st Module: Unlock Your Brain’s Potential


Lec # 1: How our brain works?

Lec # 2: How to stay motivated?

Lec # 3: Overcoming the overwhelm.

Lec # 4: How to deal with Procrastination?

Lec # 5: How to deal with Overthinking?

Lec # 6: Multitasking? What should be your approach?

Lec # 7: Getting laser focused to get 100% results.

Lec # 8: How to actually build a disciplined life?

2nd Module: Unlock Your Energy


Lec # 1: Understanding Your Will Power

Lec # 2: Building Your Day Around Your Will Power

Lec # 3: How to Stay Energized Throughout the Day?

Lec # 4: Uncover hidden treasures of energy.

3rd Module: Getting Things Done

In this Module you will learn how to :

Lec # 1: How to Create a Vision Board of Your Dream Life?

Lec # 2: How to Set effective Goals?

Lec # 3: Effective Way to prioritize Your Tasks.

Lec # 4: Planning Your Days to Get More Things Done.

4th Module: Reflecting on Progress

Lec # 1: How to Track Your Progress?

Lec # 2: Celebrating Your Wins

Lec # 3: How to Maintain Consistency?

This course reflects the teachings of Sunnah and Science and all the examples will be taken from my personal 3 years’ experience of gaining maximum productivity.

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