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master the art of social media course

Join our 8-week extensive course

“Master the Art of Social Media”

and learn how to masterfully manage social media to work as a FREELANCE Social Media Manager with the businesses of your choice OR boost the growth of your online BRAND.

This course is perfect for you IF:

  1. You want to learn a high-in-demand skill of Social Media Management  to work from home as FREELANCE social media manager with local and international clients.

  2. You have an online brand and you want to accelerate it’s growth and generate more revenue by learning social media management and growth strategies.


I have 2 online businesses and a personal blog Collectively, 130k+ followers, thousands of customers 


Numbers are growing every single minute

The exciting part is……More numbers = More revenue I generate

Interesting right??

But, what’s even more interesting is……

All this would not have been possible if did not have this one skill called

“Social Media Management”

Of course, I no longer manage my business accounts myself as I have freelance social media managers on my team now. 


I teach this skill to people who want to become freelance social media managers for other businesses OR have their own online brands and want to grow them by learning social media.

If you want to become a freelance social media manager or want to grow your online brand….keep reading!!!

People think that growing a brand on social media is about posting regular content and creating viral reels……

❗❗ which is why some people with 10,000 followers are making more money than those with 100,000 followers.

You don’t need followers and likes to grow your business

You need customers that keep coming back to your business

And for that……


You have to learn the art of content strategizing, branding, social media advertising, profile optimization, and more….



So, You can offer your social media management services as a freelancer to other businesses and help them grow.


Boost the growth of your online brand

And everything you need to learn for this is covered in my course “Master the Art of Social Media”💥

I have already taught 2000+ freelancers and brand owners the art of social media management and growth

Here is what they said about the course

Let me show you what’s inside “Master the Art of Social Media”

Course Details

Course Duration: 2 Months
Course Access: 1 Year

Eligibility Criteria:

Minimum Education: FA/FSC

Applicant must be able to read and understand English.

Course Content:

16 detailed recorded lectures (2 per week) on all the topics needed to make you an expert social media manager.

Bonuses with the course:

  • FREE graphic designing course to teach you the basics of graphic designing for your social media or for your clients.
  • Live sessions to answer your queries and enhance your knowledge about social media management.
  • Practical Assignments to help you practice what you learn in the lectures.

Outline of Course Content:

In Week#1 You will Learn:

Introduction to Social media and All the different ways it provides you to earn online.

Your Self-evaluation to choose the best option for you.

In Week#2 You Will Learn:

Basics of Social Media Management and Branding

Target Audience and building a brand story.

In Week#3 You Will Learn:

Instagram Optimization: Maximize your presence on this popular platform.

Effective hashtags and engaging captions.

In Week#4 You Will Learn:

Social Media Content Strategy (Organic Growth)

Social Media Strategy

In Week#5 You Will Learn:

Hashtag and captions


In Week#6 You Will Learn:

Giveaway, Content Calender and Planning Apps


In Week#7 You Will Learn:

Managing customer relationship and Launch Strategy

Audit (measuring the performance of strategy)

In Week#8 You Will Learn:

Freelancing: Build a standout portfolio and attract high-paying clients.

Basic Canva Designing: Create visually appealing content.

About Me

about ceo khudmukhtaar

Hey, I am Tehreem Ranjha, an entrepreneur from Lahore running 2 successful businesses:

✨KhudmukhtaarSoz.pk along with my personal blog @coffeefueledtehreem.

✨You will find me talking about business, growth, and financial independence all the time because this is what I am passionate about.

✨In the past 1 year I have taught 2000+ brand owners and freelancers the art of growing on social media to generate more revenue in my course “Master the Art of Social Media”


Registrations for batch 5 are Open.

If you want to learn the A-Z of Social Media Management so you can work as a freelance social media manager with your dream businesses OR learn to grow your brand online.

DHA EME housing Scheme Lahore,
Lahore, Pakistan
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