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Ready to become Super-Productive to thrive in all the areas of your life---without feeling burned out??

Join PRODUCTIVITY BOOTCAMP——-a 4 week extensive program designed to make you productive by teaching you the most effective techniques to increase your brain power, manage energy + time, & plan your days/weeks effectively to get more things done in less time——-without compromising on any aspect of your life (spirituality, family time, self-care, learning, and enjoyment)

Why become Productive???

Learning productivity techniques that include everything from energy + time management, planning, and organizing to unlocking my brain power, has allowed me to successfully grow my 3 businesses, focus on my spiritual journey, take care of my health, and spend more time with family than before.

You can do it too (I mean it!),
Here is HOW???

Apply for Productivity Bootcamp which is an ultimate guideline on gaining maximum productivity by learning how to unlock our mind’s powers, effectively manage time + energy, set practical goals and plan our days/weeks in a way that you can get more things done in less time and achieve your goals——-without getting overworked and overstressed.

Course Details

Please Note: This Course is not about promoting hustle culture or preaching working 16 hours a day to finish your to-do-lists.

Get more things done in less time is our motto.

Course Duration: 4 Weeks
Course Length: 4 Modules

Course Content:

  • Recorded Video Lectures
  • Practical Assignments to boost your productivity.
  • Workbooks containing all the activities you will do to practice what you learn
  • Effective Planner templates to help you plan better and achive your goals.

Modules and Lectures Details.

1st Module: Unlock Your Brain’s Potential


Lec # 1: How our brain works?

Lec # 2: How to stay motivated?

Lec # 3: Overcoming the overwhelm.

Lec # 4: How to deal with Procrastination?

Lec # 5: How to deal with Overthinking?

Lec # 6: Multitasking? What should be your approach?

Lec # 7: Getting laser focused to get 100% results.

Lec # 8: How to actually build a disciplined life?

2nd Module: Unlock Your Energy


Lec # 1: Understanding Your Will Power

Lec # 2: Building Your Day Around Your Will Power

Lec # 3: How to Stay Energized Throughout the Day?

Lec # 4: Uncover hidden treasures of energy.

3rd Module: Getting Things Done

In this Module you will learn how to :

Lec # 1: How to Create a Vision Board of Your Dream Life?

Lec # 2: How to Set effective Goals?

Lec # 3: Effective Way to prioritize Your Tasks.

Lec # 4: Planning Your Days to Get More Things Done.

4th Module: Reflecting on Progress

Lec # 1: How to Track Your Progress?

Lec # 2: Celebrating Your Wins

Lec # 3: How to Maintain Consistency?

This course reflects the teachings of Sunnah and Science and all the examples will be taken from my personal 3 years’ experience of gaining maximum productivity.

Want to know what our previous students have to say???
Here you go……

Productivity Bootcamp is perfect for you IF:

> You want to do so much in your life but you never have enough energy or time to work on your goals consistently.

> You struggle with balancing work and life and you want to fix it so you can focus equally on all the areas of your life (family, work, education, spirituality, enjoyment, selfcare etc etc.)

> You are tired of making to-do-lists and setting goals that you never end up following.

> You want to beat procrastination and learn how to stay focused and consistent on your goals.

> You want to learn all the aspects of productivity including energy+ time management, planning, goal setting but with practical examples and effective strategies taken from science and Sunnah.

And most importantly………

> You know that you can’t achieve your goals if you don’t change your current way of living. And you are right!!!

Who Can Join This Course???

This course is equally applicable for students, teachers, parents, business persons, corporate persons & everyone who has a lot of things to take care of in a day but don’t know how. In short, everyone who want to do more in less time without compromising on work quality and other aspects pf your life.


Just look around you, what do you find???

You find people getting a lot of things done in a day even if they are working for few hours.

You see people running successful businesses but also spending time with families + enjoying their lives.

There are people who have tons of responsibilities BUT they never fail to perform their spiritual duties.


How do they do this all??? How they manage so many things in a day without feeling exhausted???

The answer is simple:

They have learned the techniques to gain maximum productivity and this maximum productively DOES NOT mean working for 16 hours a day or not taking weekends off.

Join PRODUCTIVITY BOOTCAMPT if you want to learn the practical techniques on how to become super productive to get more things done in less time + balance work and life (All in the Light of Sunnah & Science)

You must be thinking------How do I know this all???

Well you are asking a person who has spent years struggling with all the problems you have right now.

When I started my first business in 2018, I thought this business is going to change my life.

But for that——I had to work on my business every single day. I tried to do it so hard but here is what that was happening……

Some days I was working for 18 hours, somedays I was not working at all + there was NO LIFE for me beside my work.

This was clearly not the life I had imagined. So, I decided to work on my lifestyle to make it actually productive.

I started learning about managing energy, managing time, setting practical goals and planning my days/weeks thoughtfully and………

After 3 years of continuous learning + implementation………

I am here to teach you everything about becoming super-productive so you can take hold of your routine + save time by not spending years on learning this.

Get to Know me

about ceo khudmukhtaar

Hi, I am Tehreem Ranjha, an entrepreneur from Lahore, Pakistan. I launched my first business in 2018 and since then I have built 3 successful businesses: soz.pkAndazbysoz.pk and Khudmukhtaar.pk + my persona blog @coffeefueledtehreem.

I have trained 200+ women on how to develop a healthy lifestyle, start and build a successful business and follow their passions to create the life of their dreams.

The sole aim of creating this program “PRODUCTIVITY BOOTCAMP” is to help ambitious individuals take control over their lives by learning how to balance work and life and get more things done in less time.

DHA EME housing Scheme Lahore,
Lahore, Pakistan
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